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Each opportunity that is presented to you in highly scrutinised to ensure it meets your investment criteria and help you meet your financial goals.The team at McCane Global is split in three parts between Managing Partners, Advisory team and Executive team.

Advisory Team

The management team at McCane global work closely with its board of advisors as we share the belief that good corporate governance is about helping to run the company well. It involves ensuring that an effective framework of systems and controls is in place which clearly defines authority and accountability, which promotes success, while permitting the management of risk to appropriate levels. Our advisory team is made of highly successful individuals in their own companies and industries that include investments, financial advisory, legal and legislation, communication and marketing, insurance, accountancy.The Advisory team also assist us in scrutinizing all investment opportunities to ensure they meet our goal and vision. They also take a opportunity to unearth every possible areas on which our Executive team or themselves could take quick actions to improve Internal Rates of Returns.

Executive Team

Once our investment target is identified, our executive team comes to work. All our investments are built around an executive team that has the required industry expertise, knowledge and insight to fulfil our short and long term objectives. The teams preselected to run our various investments consists of:

  • CEOs

  • CFOs

  • Solicitors

  • Engineers

  • Accountants

  • Surveyors

  • Contractors

Managing Partner

Florent Bonlong


Educational qualifications:

BA (Hons) in BA Business Administration at Newport University, 2005

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Course, Part Qualified, 2006

Subjects: Preparing financial statement, Financial Information for management, Managing People, Information System, Corporate and Business law, Business Taxation.


Florent possesses a background in accounting, business and finance. He started in business in 2008, building and running a number of companies in various industries industries including transportation, retail, marketing and consultancy. Florent successfully sold the majority of his business interests to focus on his life goals. Over the years, he has developed skills in strategic planning and execution examining and re-engineering operations and procedures implementing new strategies and proceduresdeveloping financial plans and managing resourcesanalyzing and interpreting financial datacommunication and public relation techniques identifying and securing external sources of funding/revenue. Delivering efficiencies via system implementations At McCane Global we are constantly seeking knowledge, mentors and experts to expand our vision and outlook on life and truly believe in continuous learning and growing.


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